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Thinking About the Latest Subaru Crosstrek in Newark, NJ

The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek in Newark, NJ, is soon to be available. With it comes an impressive line up of features that today’s driver will appreciate. This vehicle gives users the interior space and capacity they want in a good-looking but also highly versatile vehicle. It is an exceptional choice for those who want to be able to head out onto a trail or just spend some time in the city.

Key Features of This Vehicle

The Subaru Crosstrek in Newark, NJ, for the 2021 year has much to offer, including impressive fuel economy. This vehicle gets 34 highway and 27 city in miles per gallon – that is a strong contender for top of its class. It also offers symmetrical all-wheel drive, a feature that makes it very easy for you to make tight turns and navigate difficult spaces with ease. The engine also helps in that it is a newer model, a 2.5-liter direct injection Subaru Boxer Engine. That gives you more power and more performance.

There are other features to consider, too, like a compact SUV design that offers ample cargo space – up to 55 inches of space. That is ideal for those planning a trip. It also has a higher ground-clearing capability and raised roof rails.

Take a closer look at the Subaru Crosstek in Newark, NJ, to find out if it is right for you. As the new models roll in, you may want to head to a dealership to find one to take out for a test drive.

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