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Things to Know When Hiring an Emergency Plumber Lubbock

As most of us know, a plumbing emergency is seldom a pleasant experience, and one can occur at any time of the day or night, on any day of the week. While there are some things a homeowner can do in the form of temporary remedies, it is likely that a professional will need to be brought in to resolve the situation. Fortunately for the homeowner, there are still a few plumbing companies that remain committed to a ’24/7′ emergency schedule. Below is a list of things to know about hiring an Emergency Plumber Lubbock .

You will, of course, have chosen your prospective Emergency Plumber Lubbock with care. He/she should be fully licensed and bonded, have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a good reputation among customers. Now you are going to start doing something about that future midnight emergency before it ever happens. For a nominal fee, hire your plumber to conduct a yearly inspection of your plumbing system. These days, many plumbers have tiny cameras that fit inside the pipes and can spot potential problems that previously remained unseen. The inspection can avert many disasters, but if one happens anyway, you already know who to call and that person knows you and your plumbing. After all, midnight during an emergency is no time to go shopping.

Back at home, do some looking and some crawling around if needed to locate all the water shutoff valves installed in line on your plumbing system. There should be one that isolates the toilet from the rest of the system, for example. Draw a map or memorize their locations so that in an emergency you can shut the water off quickly while you wait for your Emergency Plumber in Lubbock to arrive.

When it’s convenient for both of you, ask your Emergency Plumber Lubbock for a free estimate on installing a water conditioning unit as part of your plumbing system. So-called ‘hard water’ is found in many parts of the country. This water contains chemicals and minerals that can actually corrode plumbing over time. Your plumber can conduct a water analysis at the same time he/she does the inspection for the estimate. Even if you have hard water, once your house has saltless water conditioning you can look toward having a tankless water heater installed, which will save substantially on energy bills.

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