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Things to Know About Temporary Elderly Care in Palm Coast, FL

Some older men and women must stay in respite care while recovering from serious physical issues. For example, this could be necessary after a stroke, heart surgery, or a hip fracture. These individuals cannot function well enough on their own yet, even if they have a spouse or regular visits from an adult child. Communities providing elderly care in Palm Coast, FL offer a safe and comfortable temporary residence.

Health Status Monitoring

During respite care, the person’s health status is monitored by nurse aides and skilled nurses. Nurses provide a higher level of care as needed. Depending on the patient’s health problem, the doctor may visit daily or periodically to check for improvements and possible setbacks. Changes to medication might be advisable in some cases.

Therapy Opportunities

Patients receive therapy the physician has recommended, such as physical, speech, or occupational therapy. They either participate in the community or receive transport service to the therapist’s clinic.

A Pleasant Environment

When needing temporary elderly care in Palm Coast, FL, men, and women appreciate staying in a room that feels more like a hotel than a nursing home. The environment is significantly more pleasant.

Food Service

These temporary residents also appreciate being served delicious meals similar to what might be ordered in a restaurant. They can eat in their rooms or a common area if they prefer and are able to. Although they won’t be staying in the community for a long time, socializing and making new friends is appealing to many individuals.

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