Things to Consider When Purchasing Wood Flooring in Austin, TX Jan18


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Things to Consider When Purchasing Wood Flooring in Austin, TX

Building a home is always a dream come true, but it also comes with a lot of issues, such as choosing the paint colors, flooring, and architecture. Although marble floors are gaining in popularity, nothing works better than wood flooring in Austin, TX, but there are several factors to be considered.

Engineered Versus Solid Wood Flooring

Whether you want engineered or solid wood flooring, it depends on the room and your budget. If the room gets more moisture, such as the kitchen or basement, engineered wood flooring will work better. On the other hand, for the lounge and bedrooms, solid wood flooring will do a fine job, and you can get prefinished options, so there is convenience as well.

Unfinished Versus Prefinished Flooring

Prefinished flooring is the factory-finished option with proper sanding and coating, which only needs installation. For this reason, prefinished wood flooring will only take a few hours for installation. On the contrary, the unfinished flooring needs sanding, coating, and polishing, which can take up a few days.

Grain Pattern

When looking for wood flooring in Austin, TX, the wood grain patterns should be another consideration. These patterns depend on the wood species and how it was cut. Generally, you will have to choose between flat, curly, and straight.


Choosing a finish is important. The finish can directly impact the glossiness and durability of the flooring. Also, you can select the topcoat according to your aesthetic preferences or the overall theme.

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