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Things to Consider Before Getting Gender Reassignment Male to Female Surgery

Getting a gender reassignment male to female operation is a difficult and life-changing decision. If you are considering or planning to get gender reassignment surgery, here are some questions you should ask yourself before going forward.

Is this something you really want to do?

Before you get your gender reassignment male to female operation, a lot of hospitals require proof that you’ve taken hormones, lived as your desired gender for a certain period of time, and have had a psychological evaluation.

Do you want to have children one day?

If you are a man who’s transiting into a woman, and you want to have kids, then you may want to place your sperm into a sperm bank.

Do you have a reliable support system and are able to spend weeks or even months in recovery?

Just like any other surgery, you need to be able to have time off for a while to recover physically and emotionally. You might even have to take more time off to adjust to the recent changes.

Are you ready to be who you are on the inside? At International Center for Transgender Care, we are dedicated to making sure that every client in our care has an individual treatment plan, a team of compassionate staff on their side, and the best of the best technologically-advanced facilities.

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