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The Value of Consulting with a NY SSDI Attorney

It’s not uncommon to have your application for Social Security disability benefits denied. Even if you meet all the criteria, the Social Security Department is notoriously tough on people who are looking to receive Social Security benefits before the standard retirement age. However, simply because your application for disability insurance has been denied doesn’t mean that you have no recourse. If you feel that you’re a prime candidate for this type of disability, then you need to speak with a SSDI Attorney NY.

The first reason to speak with an attorney that handles Social Security disability claims is because they can counsel you on how to move forward with an appeal. It’s not unusual for people to think they have a solid case when they don’t. The reason why is that most people aren’t experts when it comes to Social Security disability. An attorney that handles these types of cases understands what to look for and can advise you as to whether you have a strong enough case to appeal a denial of benefits.

Another reason why it’s wise to consult with a Social Security disability attorney is because their fee structure is so different than that of other attorneys. Like a Personal Injury Lawyer, most Social Security disability attorneys will work on a contingency basis. However, unlike a personal injury lawyer, the amount of money that a Social Security disability attorney can charge you is 25% of your back pay with a max $6000, and this is only in the case of an individual who is entitled to retroactive benefits.

If a person whose Social Security benefits been denied is not eligible for these benefits, the Social Security attorney will not be paid and cannot ask or demand for payment from their client. In this event, employing the services of a Social Security attorney isn’t going to be as costly as being represented by other types of attorneys.

If you feel you have a good case for Social Security disability benefits, but your claim has been denied, you should take the time to speak with a Social Security lawyer. You may find that your case has merit to move forward with an appeal you may find that the denial was justified. However, if you don’t ask professional, you’ll never know, and you don’t want to pass a benefits you are entitled to simply because somebody said no.

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