The Tile Setting Tools Every Expert Contractor Needs in Their Toolbox

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Tools

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Before stepping into a client’s home or business, a professional contractor needs to be prepared with all the tools to complete the job successfully. Pulled from expert’s toolboxes, here are top tile setting tools for every contractor.

Manual Tile Cutter

No setting is every completely square and even and often contractor’s are working in minimal spaces. A manual tile cutter does not require a power source or a large area to operate. The best tile setting tools make it easier for the contractor to adapt on the fly. That is exactly what a manual tile cutter does.

Leveling System

Outside of basic tile setting tools like rubber buckets and growls, a level system may be the most valuable. Tile leveling systems are available in a wide variety of formats and price points. A level tile lay is what sets professional work apart from an amateur DIY job.

The leveling system ensures that each tile receives equal and equally distributed pressure to attach to the adhesive medium or grout. Using a leveling system prevents uneven surfaces, lipping, and prolongs the life of the tile by preventing the damage of settling.

Tile Spacers

Along the same line as leveling systems, tile spacers create a streamlined, uniform look in the distribution of the tile. It creates symmetry and beauty that is nearly impossible to create with the human eye alone. It allows provides a calculated space between tiles for the ideal amount of grout. For a relatively inexpensive tool, tile spacers provide a big return on investment for projects.

Knee Pads

Often contractors are so focused on their client’s happiness and the quality of the project that they neglect their own human needs. To stay in the physically demanding field of contractor work long-term, every professional should invest in a set of quality knee pads to protect their joints.

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