The Steps Required for Professional Bathroom Renovations

Remodelling a bathroom is a daunting task because most things are stationary. Therefore, it’s crucial to turn to experts who offer professional bathroom renovations.

As a homeowner, you should be aware of the stages required for the renovation. It’s worth it to know these things so that you’re prepared for setbacks.

1. Planning

Proper planning is crucial for the remodelling process. Make sure the quote you receive from the contractor is thorough and lists all the prices based on what you want. Explain your ideal bathroom and ask for recommendations or advice on other choices to get the best cost.

2. Demolish

Professional bathroom renovations often require an expert to demolish parts of the bathroom. They will disconnect the water supply and electricity without damaging the features you’ll need later.

3. Make Adjustments

Once the expert has exposed the bathroom’s square footage, they will add plumbing for any new fixtures. This might also include a water line extension and replacement shower controls.

4. Electrical Work

With the walls open, the professional bathroom renovator can rework the electrical wiring. This may not be necessary, so make sure to ask if you need this service.

5. Blocking for Grab Bars

Some homeowners won’t require grab bars for the shower or toilet areas. However, it’s still wise to add more support for them later.

6. Close the Walls

Many homeowners choose to put up a cement board and a vapour barrier for the shower or tub to prevent moisture from permeating the walls.

7. Paint

The professional will now paint the walls the colour you want. It’s often wise to do it before installing the bathtub, vanity, tiles, and toilet.

8. Install New Fixtures and Items

Everything else will now be installed, depending on what you want. This can include a tub, stand-alone shower, seating, light fixtures, vanity, and more.

Why Work with a Professional

Professional bathroom renovations are often best because most homeowners don’t have the tools or knowledge required to do it alone. Adelaide Bathrooms is the premier choice for bathroom remodelling projects and can help you transform your space.

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