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The Shortest Commute to Your New Office

Having a job that has a short commute is a dream. If that commute is to a location in your home, that’s a good dream. If that commute is to your custom office located in your finished basement in Cumming, that’s the best dream. Let’s explore some of the design techniques used in turning your finished basement into your new office.

Why You Should Convert Your Finished Basement into a Home Office

Working at home can be great. The commute is short and the dress code is casual. You can handle business calls, write proposals and answer emails, all in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Think of how much you will save on dry cleaning and gasoline since you won’t have to drive to the office.

Staying Focused at Work

One of the biggest struggles for people who work at home is to stay focused on work. There is always some household chore that needs to be done and the to-do list of home projects can pull you away from your workday. The best way to stay focused on work while at home is to set specific office hours and goals to accomplish. While it may be tempting to start a load of laundry or prepare dinner, these tasks done during your workday can reduce your productivity at work. One reason having a finished basement in Cumming can help you stay focused is to install elements of an office during the design of your finished basement. You can designate an area of your office to have a mini kitchen. A mini sink and mini refrigerator plus a small microwave and built-in cabinets and drawers for supplies with an eat-in area can give your finished basement in Cumming that separate space for your break room and keep you from going upstairs and getting distracted by household chores. Adding a small half bathroom will make your home office complete.

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