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The Services Offered By Hait Eichelzer & Kuhn Attorneys

The search for an Attorney Marietta GA in cases related to family, bankruptcy and personal injury should end at the firm of Hait Eichelzer & Kuhn Attorneys at Law because of their commitment to giving you the most competent representation on such matters. Their practice was formed in the year 2000 with a single employee and has grown to its five partners and twelve attorneys who are currently ready to represent you.

The profile of their attorneys is solid and instructive to their ability in providing you with their wealth of experience and intense legal training.

Mr. Alexander Gray Hait is the senior partner of Hait Eichelzer & Kuhn attorneys and has been practicing for more than 22 years. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and legally trained at the New England School of Law. He specializes in bankruptcy, family law and personal injury.

P. Kent Eichelzer is a graduate of the Loras College and has represented numerous clients on matters of personal injury which include; accidents in relation to motor vehicles, buses, drunk driving, slips and falls and negligent liability of manufacturers and medical practitioners resulting to injuries including those that relate to the brain. He is a member of several legal profession associations and derives his legal prowess from being a former attorney of several insurance companies, which he offers at the Hait Eichelzer & Kuhn attorneys law firm.

Elizabeth Kuhn has practiced law for over seven years and is a graduate from New England School of Law and west liberty state college, where she received awards for her academic excellence. She specializes in family law and has represented numerous clients in matters divorce, contempt, modification, paternity and legitimation. She will also happily draft legal documents that relate to the planning and administration of your estate such as trusts and wills. She is also a member of several legal profession associations.

Melody Swilling has practiced law for over five years and is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where she studied Spanish and the Florida coastal school of law. She has a wealth of litigation experience and also specializes in divorce, contempt, modification, paternity, legitimation and consumer bankruptcy. She is also an astute member of several professional associations.

Payments for their personal injury services are contingent on you winning the case and being paid.

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