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The Role of a Bail Bonds Company in Hyattsville, MD in a Defendant’s Pretrial Release

The terms jail bond, bail bond, and surety bond for bail tend to be used interchangeably. They refer to a service provided by a bail bonds company in Hyattsville, MD that allows families or friends to secure a person’s release from jail before trial without having to pay the full bail amount. Instead, they pay a service charge to an agency that then posts the bond to substitute for full cash bail.

The Arrest Process

The process begins when an arrest warrant is issued for a man or woman suspected of committing a criminal offense. At this point, the district attorney may have filed charges, but that might not have been finalized yet. This must be done relatively quickly because the U.S. Constitution forbids detaining citizens without charges. A district attorney is a prosecuting lawyer for the jurisdiction, representing “the people.”

Sometimes, the person knows that an arrest warrant will be issued and expects the police to show up. This individual has the option of simply going to the jail facility and avoiding the embarrassment of police officers appearing on the doorstep with handcuffs.

A Brief History

The use of bail or a bond to allow a defendant’s release is a holdover from this nation’s original status as a group of British colonies. That country implemented a system in which a relative or other representative of a defendant could have the person released by volunteering to be detained in his or her place. Eventually, this idea was converted to the posting of cash for release. The bail is refunded when the case is over as long as the defendant does not flee or get into further legal trouble.

Protecting the Defendant’s Rights

The defendant is represented by a public defender or a private lawyer, whose services may be integral for release. They understand the Constitutional rights of the defendant, such as the prohibition of excessive bail. In this regard, the attorney may persuade the judge at arraignment to set bail low enough so the defendant can afford the service fee of a bail bonds company in Hyattsville, MD. Anyone who needs assistance with pretrial release may visit us online.

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