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The Ring Gasket: A Sealing Agent For Flanges

Simply put, a gasket is a mechanical sealing agent. Its basic purpose is to create a solid, weatherproof, waterproof, environmentally resistant, solid seal between two stationary components. Gaskets are available in different designs, materials, and sizes. One specific type is a flange gasket. It fits between two sections of pipe. A ring gasket is one of four major categories of flange gaskets. The others are sheet, corrugated metal and spiral wound.

Ring Gaskets

Ring gaskets or Ring-type-joint (RTJ) gaskets are of solid metal construction. They often consist of a ring but no bolt hole. They feature different cross sections including octagonal, oval and round. It is also possible to purchase them with a passage hole to allow equalized pressurization for both sealing surface sides.

Installers position these gaskets not on the exterior of the flange but within or inside the specific flange bolts, circling around the pipe bore. This is usually a raised face flange where the ring gasket sits atop the raised surface.

Ring gaskets provide several advantages over other types of gaskets. They do not need disassembly before installation. They also require less resources to produce.


The most common use of ring gaskets is to provide a seal between oil and gas pipes. They work effectively in offshore environments. In such challenging environments, ring gaskets provide the necessary protection to ensure the withstanding of excessive pressure.

The Ring Gasket

In applications where the choice is an open flange, the best options are ring gaskets. When ordering this type, be sure to consider three measurements. These are:

1. The inside diameter (ID) to equal the pipe bore
2. The outside diameter (OD) to match the specific OD of the raised flange face
3. The gasket thickness

These measurements, together with the preferred pressure tolerance of the ring gasket shall ensure the perfect mating between the ring gaskets and their application.

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