The Responsibilities of a Landscape Contractor in Gig Harbor WA

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A Landscape Contractor in Gig Harbor WA is responsible for creating or refurbishing outdoor spaces. This may include planting trees, flowers, and shrubs to the area and/or constructing landscaping features. A contractor may provide services to both residential and commercial customers for their homes and businesses.

When a landscaper is hired for a job, they are responsible for providing information to their client. Following is a list of the things the client will be informed of.

Design- The landscape contractor is responsible for providing their clients with advice on the type of landscaping that meets their needs. The will discuss what the area is to be used for, what styles they are wanting and assess the area. For larger scaled projects, the contractor may work with a landscaping architect to prepare proposals and draw designs.

Materials- The contractor will discuss what materials they are going to use for the project. They will provide their client with the estimated costs to cover the materials and labor. The client will also be informed of when the delivery of the materials will be if needed and any subcontractors that may be hired.

Construction and Maintainance- Since construction is a large part of the contractor’s job, they are responsible for informing the client of any necessary changes to the landscape that will be needed. Once the construction has been completed, the client will be informed of any necessary maintenance needed to maintain the space.

Hiring a Landscape Contractor

When preparing to hire a Landscape Contractor in Gig Harbor WA, there are important steps to follow. Following these steps are key to knowing what information is needed, what questions should be asked and understanding the process.

  • Research -Search the internet for ideas and inspiration for your yard. This will help both you and the individual to know what the overall goal is.
  • Call or email several landscapers within the area. Be sure to notate his or her’s response times.
  • Get a written estimate- Discuss the special aspects of the project and consider the timeliness and thoroughness of the bid. This will allow for the individual to decide if it will fit within their budgeting needs.
  • Sign a contract- Be sure to sign a contract and do not accept any verbal agreement.

Get started today. Proper research can make all the difference in choosing the right landscaping contractor, and being prepared can ensure the yard of your dreams

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