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The Reasons to Hire Medical Education Consultants

There is increasing complexity in the application process for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students with interest in obtaining their MBBS have a wide range of universities and programs to consider from around the world.

Due to the limited number of seats in MBBS programs at Indian universities, an increasing number of students are choosing universities located outside of the country. Working with medical education consultants throughout this process helps match the student with the best program to obtain a PG and a job as a medical doctor in the USA, India, or around the world.

Support with Applications, School Selection, and Relocation

Choosing to work with medical education consultants associated with a particular university ensures students have the knowledge and expertise they need to complete their understanding of the program. This includes assistance with the application, and to assist in all aspects of relocation, finding accommodation, and supporting their educational goals.

Ability to Obtain Scholarships

Some of the top medical universities outside of India are able to offer exceptional scholarships for students working with exclusive medical education consultants for that school. These scholarships can help to decrease the cost of tuition by up to forty percent, helping students and families to reduce the expenses of an MBBS degree abroad.

Assistance Throughout Your Education

While the focus of a medical education consultancy is to assist students in the early stages of their program, their services continue throughout the course of study. This includes assistance in attending ACGME approved Green Book clinical rotations as well as finding a PG match based on the student’s future career focus.

As the exclusive medical education consultants for Spartan Health Science University, Zordha Education is dedicated to assisting our students and their families. To find out more, please see us online.

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