The Purposes of Attorneys for US VA Disability Claims After You Retain Them Mar19


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The Purposes of Attorneys for US VA Disability Claims After You Retain Them

Applying for military disability benefits is markedly different than pursuing those issued by civilian courts. The military has more limited funds to make these benefits. The judges assigned to these cases must protect them at all costs from being used by people who are not legitimately injured or ill.

Still, when you have a valid case for collecting these payments, you need to go to even greater lengths to convince him or her that you really are disabled. You can start by retaining one of the attorneys for VA disability claims to represent you in the matter.

Filing an Appeal

The chances of you being turned down on your first petition to the court is extraordinarily high. Most cases that get approved on the first try are those filed by people with terminal illnesses like pulmonary fibrosis or lung cancer. Otherwise, people with serious but not fatal illnesses and injuries are typically denied the first time.

Your attorney can file appeal after appeal if necessary to win your case. You can show the judge by appealing your case that you cannot go back to work and also cannot earn an income with which to support yourself.

Your lawyer can also secure all documentation to back up your disability case. You avoid having to present this evidence or making an argument on your own. You can learn more about hiring attorneys for VA disability claims online by contacting Jackson & MacNichol online.

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