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The Process of Hiring Wedding Caterers Indianapolis

For some, the wedding reception is almost as important as the ceremony. This is a time for friends and family to gather together and celebrate the union of two people. While there are lots of things that need to be taken care of to prepare for the big day, hiring Wedding Caterers Indianapolis tends to be one of the most important. Finding the right person to handle all of the food isn’t always easy and there are steps that should be taken to ensure that the right company for the job is hired.

Finding Local Caterers

While there may be plenty of local caterers, not all will be able to handle a large wedding. This requires a considerable amount of time and often, a large staff. Once a general number of people is decided upon for the guest list and a location for the event is reserved, it is time to find Wedding Caterers In Indianapolis that can take on this big of a task. With just a few phone calls, a bride should have some idea of the companies to talk to.

Set Up an Appointment

Making an appointment with potential Wedding Caterers Indianapolis is the first step to getting a clear picture of what entrees are offered, what options are available for appetizers and desserts, and how much the food is going to cost. By making an appointment, a bride is guaranteed a set amount of time with the caterer to ask all of her questions and find out more about how the company works. Many companies offer special tastings that a bride and groom can attend to get a taste for the food as well as the overall presentation.

Make the Arrangements

Wedding caterers usually ask for some type of deposit to hold the date and guarantee service. Even if a contract has been signed, there is usually some flexibility. For example, about two weeks before the wedding, the caterer will call to get a final calculation for the number of guests. If guests have menu options, the caterer will also want to get the details about their selection in order to prepare. Once the numbers are in, the caterers will take care of the rest on the big day, creating a meal that everyone at the reception will enjoy.

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