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The Practical Beauty of a Wood Fence

One of the biggest advantages to a wood fence is that it can both look a lot better, and block a lot more view. Wood fences can provide privacy without being traditional privacy fences, just by blocking some of the view you get a bit more of a feeling of your own space and less insecurity about watching eyes. In a place as warm for as much of the year as Austin, TX, losing comfort in your backyard because of a crowded neighborhood is a waste.

The problem with certain types of fence is that they can be very real eyesores, even to the point where it becomes an issue with neighbors who don’t like having a house on the block that looks like it doubles as a federal prison. Now there are reasons to use chain link fence, and if you want one, you should pursue it, just be careful in the construction. A wood fence though will be much easier to make it look nice, and provide better visual cover.

No one wants a house they think is ugly; they might have different perceptions over what makes an ugly house. In a city as diverse as Austin you’ll no doubt find a lot of different perspectives on what looks good. The beauty of a wood fence is that between the different types of wood, the different stains and paints that can be put on it and the different constructions  and styles available means that anyone can have a wood fence that they thinks looks good. You don’t have to have a specific aesthetic in mind to be able to construct a wood fence for it.

Fences are mostly pragmatic things we build, but since they are so visible it’s nice being able to get one that looks good at the same time. If you’re worried about privacy, and that’s why you want to build a wood fence, you might want to go for the traditional high privacy fence. If you’re not that worried about privacy and are trying to either keep pets and children in, or keep them out, you don’t have to build a fence as high. The nice thing about going with a lower wood fence is that making it solid you can create a sense of privacy without having to totally cut yourself off from your neighbors. You don’t necessarily want to have everyone in the neighborhood watching every game of poker on your back deck, or having no delineation between their yard and your own, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to put up an impenetrable wall. Austin’s not the sort of city where you need an impenetrable wall to feel safe, but that doesn’t mean Austin is so uniquely perfect that you want to leave yourself open to anyone walking by.

Wood Fence Austin  – A wood fence can be more than just discrete or tastefully invisible, it can be attractive in its own right. Viking Fence of Austin Texas can help equip you with the right tools to build a wood fence. Whether you’re an individual building one for yourself, or the contractor hired to put one up they have the perfect combination of good prices and good service. Viking Fence can be found online at http://vikingfence.com/ or reached via telephone at 1-800-252-8117.

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