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The Possibilities Are Unlimited with a Varnish UV Printer

If you see the word “printer” and you’re like most people, you think about the traditional method of putting ink on paper, whether the result is text for reading or an image to be viewed. But, in recent years, companies have offered a different technology that produces outstanding detail in a relatively short period of time, all completed to meet the highest standards for clients.

Making the Transition

The excellent results have led more companies to adopt the print method, using a varnish UV printer. If you’ve hesitated until now, read on to find out why this can be a great option, especially if you want to produce remarkable signage tailored to specific markets. UV printing is primarily a digital process that uses ultraviolet illumination to cure the ink while the printing process is taking place.

The finish is dry almost instantly, making it a perfect choice for commercial and industrial operations. With the varnish UV printer, the varnish component provides an excellent gloss finish and protects the final image, which is now on a hard surface providing sharp color and excellent dust resistance. The surface is more durable than paint alone.

Large Format

UV flatbed printers using this technology are a great way to produce large-format graphics, with sizes up to four feet by eight feet, and thicknesses up to two inches. It’s possible to produce outstanding results on both rigid and flexible materials, giving the image depth in addition to the extra gloss. Amazing appearance is possible on phone cases, furniture, toys, luggage, packaging materials, canvas, and all types of advertisement media.

A varnish UV printer can be used on wood, glass, metal, ceramic, acrylic, foam board, and even leather. The possibilities seem to be limited only by your imagination. Recently, decoration and personalization of hard-sided luggage has become extremely popular, thanks to this technology.

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