The Perks of Moving to Austin

If you’re moving to Austin, you are in for a treat. Austin is a favorite city not only among Texans, but also people all over the U.S. Austin is known for its easygoing vibe, diverse music scene, the prestigious University of Texas at Austin, and a rich blend of culture and history. Austin is also the capital of Texas, so if you have an interest in government, the city is a hotbed of political activity. Yes, moving to Austin can expand virtually anyone’s social, cultural and political horizons.

Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin’s 200 live music venues are home to local and traveling musicians performing blues, indie rock, country, jazz, rock, Tejano, and many other genres. If you enjoy live music, you should seriously consider exploring Sixth Street, the Red River and Warehouse Districts, and the area from of town from East Side to South Lamar. The 1,900 musicians that call Austin home are often likely to appear at local stores, events, parks and lakes, the airport, and even City Hall for both scheduled and impromptu performances.

SXSW (or South by Southwest) is a world-renowned live music and film festival held in Austin every March. For nine days, the entire city of Austin is abuzz with the latest in music, film and interactive media. SXSW has served as a launch pad for new creative in the form of new media, music and film. SXSW isn’t Austin’s only annual festival, but it’s the biggest.

Austin also has numerous places to eat while enjoying live music. Barbecue is a local favorite, although there’s no shortage of Mexican food and mariachi music. A recent trend that has been growing in the area is the trailer eatery. Austin trailer eateries specialize in all types of cuisine, from Thai to African to vegetarian. Austin has even set up trailer parks specifically for them to congregate. If you’re moving to Austin and getting acquainted with the local food choices, go with the flow, experiment and just enjoy.

Austin has so many attractions that there’s no way to capture them without writing a book. A few of them include the Austin Zoo, the Austin Steam Train, Hamilton Pool (which Texans call a “swimming hole” that also features a waterfall), Zilker Park. Downtown Austin offers endless places to eat, drink, enjoy music, and discover other forms of entertainment that defy categorization. There are always interesting things for adults and families to do when moving to Austin.

Moving To Austin

Moving To Austin

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