The Ongoing Development of the Mueller Town Center

by | Jan 9, 2012 | Real Estate

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Everything about the planned Mueller community development has gone exactly as intended, with one exception: The MuellerTown Center. The Town Center was intended to be a mixed-use retail area with loft housing above shops and high-density residences surrounding the center. Accessible by all residents, the Town Center would house boutiques, restaurants, pubs and professional services, and was designed for pedestrian and transit use with limited vehicle access.

Sadly, Mueller’s Town Center has yet to come together as promised. Intended to be the focal point of the community, the Town Center is still a work-in-progress. However, once it is built, it promises to have the charm and viability of a European piazza, complete with outdoor dining, specialty stores and the professional services that every community requires.

Fortunately, the slow pace of the Town Center development has not hurt the Mueller community overall. It has consistently received nationwide recognition as a premier sustainable community, cementing its identity in the minds of the public. The Dell Children’s Medical Center, the Pediatric Research Institute, the Austin Studios Film Complex, and many other businesses provide employment opportunities for Mueller residents and individuals throughout Austin. Furthermore, the Mueller Neighborhood Association has provided a strong sense of community, ensuring that its vision is consistently implemented.

The community includes more than 140 acres of parks and green areas and 13 miles of hiking and bike paths and lanes. There are numerous residential opportunities, including homes for sale and rental properties. The area is quickly gaining status as a pedestrian and transit-oriented neighborhood, and it has recently been recognized for its commitment to solar power in both commercial and residential buildings.

With so much in its favor, the Mueller development is thriving despite delays in the development of the Town Center. Although the community was not scheduled for completion until close to 2020, the promised shops, plazas, and living/work spaces will come to fruition gradually until then. In the meantime, there is plenty in the Mueller community for residents and visitors alike to enjoy, and the development’s proximity to all that Central Austin has to offer guarantees easy access to shopping and a variety of professional services.

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