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The Mystery of Chronic Pain

Frequently, traditional medical practitioners are at a loss to explain chronic, ongoing pain that, according to their findings, should not exist. Chronic pain syndrome has become a catch-all diagnosis for chronic pain that doctors cannot explain or identify. Traditional medical professionals do not typically understand chronic, unidentifiable pain. Consequently, pain relief is often elusive, and patients who seek solutions may come away feeling as though their doctor believes they are either seeking attention or drugs. Fortunately, pain management physicians in Austin can address pain in ways that traditional practitioners generally do not.

There are different kinds of pain, and each is treated differently: chronic, acute, and sub-acute pain. Acute pain is a term used to describe pain that has a rapid and sudden onset. Typically, someone experiencing acute pain visits the emergency room seeking treatment and pain relief. When medicine has ruled out known possible causes of acute pain, the patient will likely be medicated and sent on to seek care with their regular medical provider.

Sub-acute pain describes pain that has been around for a while, but not more than 2-3 months. This type of pain can still be quite debilitating, but doctors often believe that with enough time it will resolve, and that other medical causes for the pain have been effectively ruled out.

Pain that is ongoing and defies diagnosis is typically referred to as chronic pain. When doctors make a diagnosis of chronic pain, they are simply saying the pain is long-lasting and that they do not have a medical explanation for it. This scenario has become so common in medicine today that there is now a diagnosis of chronic pain syndrome. Chronic pain usually demands aggressive treatment to help facilitate pain relief, and proper pain management can often provide it.

Living with chronic pain typically requires some lifestyle changes and adjustments. However, one thing that should not change is the ability to enjoy daily life. Those with chronic pain have a right to proper management and pain relief. Finding a group of pain management specialists in Austin who can provide guidance is a step that can ultimately lead to long-term pain relief.

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