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The Milkshake in Branson, MO, has a Long History

The milkshake has always been a popular option for many who are looking to enjoy a sweet treat that we can enjoy from the comfort of a favorite restaurant or fast food outlet. The history of the milkshake may go back centuries but the term itself only dates back to the 1880s when it first coined and has now spread around the world where it is common usage across different languages. The malted milkshake is a particular favorite of the majority of people in the U.S. and is usually made in a steel cup with straws and spoons used to consume this always popular dessert.

The Milkshake in Branson, MO, has a Long History

How much of the history of the milkshake do you know? For example, the term “milkshake” was only coined in 1885 when these drinks took on a different form. The initial milkshake form was of a drink similar to egg-nog that was usually enjoyed as a snack or dessert rather than as a drink with a meal. The milkshake in Branson, MO, can be traced back to the drinks made in 1922 by pharmacy worker “Pop” Coulson who added a scoop of ice cream to malted shakes and created the modern version.

Many Different Varieties are Available

There are many different versions of the milkshake and malted that can be enjoyed when you check out website and order from our menu. The range of milkshake options includes chocolate, coffee, and pineapple varieties.

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