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The Many Perks of Living Right Next to the Campus in Milwaukee

When you live far from campus, life can be a drag. A lot of times you must spend countless minutes just sitting in traffic getting to and from school. By simply choosing to live in apartments near Marquette University instead, you can now experience stress-free living while also enjoying all of the comforts of a luxurious apartment.

High-end apartment complexes now come with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops as standard features to highlight your luxury living experience. These properties also come fully furnished to make life easier than ever for you as a student. That means your TV will be all hooked up and ready to watch from the second you walk in the door. That’s much better than having to deal with the cable company on moving day, right? These properties even come with an in-unit laundry machine to further increase the convenience of student life.

What really makes these apartments stand apart from the rest though is the quality of their common areas. When you live here, you aren’t restricted to a tiny apartment, because you are given free reign over an entire apartment complex full of comfortable seating that can serve as the absolutely perfect place for studying. There’s even a clubhouse and an exercise room to provide you with plenty of opportunities to get some extracurricular activities in this semester. While it is indeed nice to have all of these perks right at your fingertips throughout the year, you will undoubtedly find the experience of living right by the campus to be one of the greatest highlights of living in apartments near Marquette University. To get yours today, visit Lark on 14th online.

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