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The Irish Experience

If you are looking for the Irish experience where you can enjoy both the culture and tradition for the entire family look no further than the Dublin Square Irish Pub. They offer live music for a fun night full of entertainment, or a relaxing atmosphere for conversation or maybe you just want to have a night of Irish fun and delicious food, they even have an eighty inch TV for those that want to watch the game. The Dublin Square Irish Pub offers different rooms for different experiences to fill the needs of their customers.

Irish food in La Crosse WI is the place to look for a night out that will enrich your memories. Go online and look at the website, see what they have to offer. You will see that there is something for everyone in the family or if you have a gathering with your friends. It is an atmosphere that is family friendly. The owners have done their research because they wanted the experience to be as authentic as possible. They are so confident that they have achieved this goal because of their success.

Look at their guest book and reviews section on their website, and if you have already been able to experience the Dublin Square Irish Pub for yourself already feel free to leave your review. As always word of mouth is the best advertisement. They have a variety of events that you can take part in from whiskey tasting to kilt contests. They also have specials that you can take advantage of so keep yourself informed and keep up with all of the Dublin Square Irish Pub’s many events.

Monday through Friday you can enjoy a happy hour from three to six where you can enjoy two dollars off of their featured appetizer and fifty cents off drinks and of course Free Bacon. They also have a store where you can get your Dublin Square Irish Pub gear. You can purchase t shirts, hats, shorts and even a dog hoodie as your souvenir.

You would definitely want to purchase one of these so that you can let your friends know how good a time you had at the Dublin Square Irish Pub. You want to show people you had so much fun that you want people to know you did by showing off your cool merchandise.

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