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The Interior Designer’s Guide to Frosted Glass Doors

It is hard to match the unique style of frosted glass. It provides dazzling luminosity that can bring new light and life to any space. When designing or remodeling a new space, frosted glass doors give you the same stunning luminous properties without giving up privacy when the door is closed. Frosted glass has become less expensive and more accessible in recent years and should certainly be a ready element of an interior designer or do-it-yourselfers repertoire.

Know the Difference in Frost Types
Not all frosted glass doors are created equal and jumping into a purchase without fully inspecting your options can leave you with a space that doesn’t maximize its first potential. Most importantly, you need to explore different opacity levels of the frost to see how they vary once installed and used. Different types of frosted glass may be labeled “milky” “smoky” “semi-transparent” and other descriptors, all of which refer to the opacity and luminosity of the panes. Consider the amount of privacy needed (many frosted glass doors still allow a pretty clear view of what’s behind them) and the existing style into which the door will be incorporated.

Know the Different Types of Doors
If you’re looking for frosted glass doors, you don’t have to stick to traditional swinging doors and door frames. A growing trend in interior design is interior sliding doors. No longer just for back patios and porches, sliding doors open up floor space and are great for spaces where doors are often left open. They are perfect applications for frosted glass and are often used in both homes and offices to create room dividers and partitions in large spaces. Sliding doors can even be partially frosted, so that the top or bottom (or both) sections of the doors are still crystal clear glass.

The Sliding Door Company specializes in stunning frosted glass in a variety of opacity levels and textures. Their team of door and glass specialists frost glass in-house allowing for infinite possibilities for customized design solutions. Go to http://www.slidingdoorco.com to see their innovative home portfolio.

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