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The Insert Molding Process

Insert Molding – Part of the Injection Molding Process
The process of insert molding is considered in the realm of injection molding. However, this particular type of molding is quite complex.

Description of the Process
In order to utilize insert molded products, the process, though complex, results in a broad range of products used in HVAC, medical, concrete accessories, transportation, defense, safety, chemical and various other industrial and commercial industries.

By description the process forms or molds plastic parts as overlays to other non-plastic parts, for example, rods, threads or more complex parts like motors and batteries.

How the Molding Process Begins
Most individuals have seen insert molded products in screws, surface mounting pads, studs, pins and clips.

The process of this type of molding begins with two sets of molds. The outer mold and inner mold. The inner mold is set into the outer mold.

In the basic process, the inner mold contains metal or other materials. The idea of insert molding is to ensure the result is a part that has been created to the extreme degree of precision in size and weight.

Once the outer material has formed, it fits tightly to the part in the inner mold. The shapes of these molds depend on the shape of the final product to be formed.

One example of an insert molded part is a 10 mm straight connector. This is a part used in tube fittings. You may also see this part in swimming pool filter outlet valves.

What are the Benefits?
There are several benefits to this molding process that include:
. Enhanced design flexibility
. Improved strength, component reliability and structure
. Reduction in parts’ sizes and weights
. Reduction in labor costs and assembly costs

Suppliers of Insert Molded Parts
There are numerous sources for the supply of insert molded parts. If the parts are to be custom made, choose a molding design, fabricator and parts supplier who offers custom molded parts.

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