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The Importance of Residential Tree Care and Maintenance in Florida

Owning a home is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. It’s also one of life’s most important investments. That’s why ensuring it is properly maintained is essential. This includes proper care for the exterior of the home and the landscaping.

Tree Benefits and Risks

Floridians know that having trees on their property is most often a blessing. They offer beauty in the landscaping and shade, which helps keep the home cool and reduces energy costs. However, occasionally, trees near a home can become problematic if a storm brings down limbs or knocks over trees, especially if one lands on the home.

While there is no way to guarantee a tree won’t fall over in a storm. The risk of limbs breaking off and damaging a home during extreme weather and wind events can be reduced with proper pruning and care from a professional tree service in Seminole, FL.

Taking Care of The Trees in Your Yard

Having your trees properly maintained by cutting back overgrowth and weakened or damaged limbs can significantly reduce the risk of tree and limb damage if Florida is hit with extreme weather. Mature trees should be pruned every 3-5 years, while younger trees should be pruned every two years. If you require professional tree service in Seminole, FL, Happy’s Tree Service is an expert tree service in Seminole, FL, and offers a wide array of tree care and arborist services. You can learn more about their residential tree services at https://www.happystreeservice.com/.

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