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The Importance of Pressure Grout Pumping in Mississippi for Long-Lasting Foundation Repair

Pressure Grout Pumping in Mississippi is often part of foundation repair service. The contractor pumps grout under the lifted or repaired foundation to prevent problems from developing in the future. The grout doesn’t shift or erode away as fill dirt can, an occurrence that can lead to cracks in walls, ceilings, and concrete slabs.

Depending on the situation, the work may be done by drilling holes in the concrete and adding grout with the pump, or it may be pumped under a lifted foundation. People who have never considered how foundation structural issues are resolved typically are surprised to hear that contractors actually jack the building up so they can do the repair work.

Grout is a type of concrete that is more fluid than the norm. The material is more commonly used for activities such as filling spaces in masonry and gaps between precast concrete forms. It’s similar to mortar that masons install between bricks, but the two substances have different uses.

Pressure pumping of the substance requires specialized equipment and skill. Contractors who do Pressure Grout Pumping in Mississippi take into account various factors when deciding the level of pressure to use and how much grout to add. The intention of the task is to stop further settling and grade point loading that can occur when material under the foundation becomes uneven. Adding sufficient grout also prevents water from collecting under the foundation, which can cause further problems.

Some contractors will not do extensive foundation repair without including grout pumping as part of the project. Homeowners who wish to save money by avoiding this task must realize that they risk future issues, which would make that initial and relatively small cost savings pointless. It’s one thing to make smart decisions about cutting costs on a home repair project, but quite another to deal with the fallout in years to come.

The work is technical and can be difficult for the average property owner to understand. A contractor such as Ewing & Ray Foundation Services can answer questions about foundation repair and the need for grout pumping as an added stabilization measure. Click here to find contact details for this particular organization.

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