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The Importance of Head Lice Treatments

Finding lice either on yourself or a member of your family can be very upsetting. You should start the treatment as soon as you find an infestation. Inspect everyone in the home to see who has lice at that time, everyone should be treated whether they have it or not. Lice can move quickly from one host to another.

Others Will Get Them

Lice are very contagious. You will want to find out as much information as you can and do it as fast as you can so that you can take the proper steps to begin lice treatment Staten Island. To begin wash all of your bedding. It should be washed in very hot water. Make sure you gather the pillows, pillow cases, sheets, and all blankets or comforters. Additionally any bed accessories such as throw pillows or stuffed animals should also be washed in hot water. Next you will need to soak your combs, brushes, and hair accessories in boiling water, and then in ammonia or rubbing alcohol.

To begin a lice treatment in Staten Island, it will start with a shampoo that is specially medicated to kill lice and their eggs. There are all kinds of over the counter remedies available in the pharmacy section of your local store. In some cases, you may have to schedule an appointment with the doctor to purchase a prescription strength remedy if the infestation is too severe. Treatment is a lengthy process, but it is easy to do. When you are finished with the shampoo treatment, you should wait a few days before washing the hair again. You should inspect the hair every day to make sure the lice are gone.

Be Patient

It will take some time for the lice to be completely gone. People all over the world can be affected by lice. It is very common among school aged kids. Keep everything washed. Make sure you vacuum the carpets and empty the canister in a bag you can seal and then put it in an outside trash bin. If the lice do not subside within the first few weeks of the treatment, then it will be time to visit your doctor. He can give you a prescription for strong medicines that will kill the leftover lice eggs. There is no need to be embarrassed if you or a family member ends up with lice. Anyone living anywhere can get lice no matter how clean they live.

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