The Importance of Choosing the Right Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Nov10


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The Importance of Choosing the Right Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal conviction can follow you for a lifetime. This conviction can result in being unable to attend the college you desire, impact your job possibilities, decrease your chances for living a stable and secure life and may also impact your family as well. It is of the utmost importance to choose the right Austin criminal defense lawyer who is able to provide the best legal defense strategy.

Criminal Charges Are a Serious Matter

Sometimes, young people get into situations where they do not understand how the legal system works. Some elected officials just want convictions to raise their public reputation. Long police interviews without proper legal counsel can cause a young and impressionable teen to admit to crimes that they may not have committed. It is always important to have a legal lawyer present for any police interview in order to get the proper counsel.

DUI & Drug-Related Offenses May Offer a Hope for Rehabilitation

Some offenses do not necessarily deserve long prison sentences if the person is willing to admit their wrongs and follow court recommendations. This is especially true for DUI and drug-related offenses. The courts will often recommend drug rehabilitation and restitution to steer the person in the right direction.

Some Criminal Complaints May Be a Misunderstanding or Due to Untruthful Accusations

Stressful divorce/custody situations can bring about wrongful accusations of criminal offenses that may not be true. Get in touch with a competent Austin criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez contact us today.

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