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The Importance Of A Roof Repair Company In Little Rock AR

Homeowners who have regular roof inspections and repairs performed by experienced Roof Repair Company in Little Rock AR professionals will get more life out of their roof. When roof issues aren’t repaired, the damage will get worse and it can even lead to damage inside of the home. Check out the questions and answers below to learn additional information about the importance of roof repair.

Q.) What can cause damage to asphalt shingles on a home?

A.) Asphalt shingles can become damaged by weather conditions, such as hail and strong winds. Hail can crack or break the shingles and high winds can blow the shingles completely off the roof. Tree limbs can also fall on the roof, gouge the shingles and create a hole. Shingles that are missing or damaged can allow water to leak into the home. Water can ruin attic insulation, wooden roof deck beams and ceiling tiles.

Q.) How many years does an asphalt shingle roof typically last?

A.) Homeowners can normally count on their asphalt shingle roof to last around 20 to 25 years. Roofs that have sustained several years of weather related damage won’t last as long. Eventually, the granules on the asphalt shingles will fall off and this can also decrease the lifespan of a roof.

Q.) How does a roofing company replace damaged shingles on a roof?

A.) Before replacing an asphalt shingle, a roofer removes any remnants of the damaged shingle by lifting up the shingle with a pry bar and removing the nails. After placing the new shingle into the correct position, a roofer hammers a new row of nails into the shingle. A roof that has major shingle damage or an excessive amount of granule loss should be replaced instead of repaired. Experienced roof repair company in Little Rock AR professionals can inspect the roof to determine the amount of damage and recommend the types of repairs that need to be done to the roof.

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