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The Importance of a Dental Cleaning in Sutherlin OR

A dental cleaning in Sutherlin OR is something that every person, regardless of their age, should have twice yearly. Professional dental cleanings are not just for keeping a person’s smile bright, but they can also have a huge impact on a person’s overall health. If oral hygiene is not kept up with, then it can lead to a number of extremely serious issues. Some of the medical and dental issues that a person who does not have regular cleanings may encounter include cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, bone loss and other issues. While flossing and brushing at home are important, to ensure the teeth are extremely healthy and clean, regular dental check-ups are a must. Some of the specific reasons to seek a professional dental cleaning can be found here.

First of all, the dental hygienist will be able to remove the majority of the stains that cause the teeth to be dull and discolored. This will leave the person with a whiter and brighter smile. Also, having a Dental Cleaning in Sutherlin OR will help prevent gum disease, which can lead to early tooth loss. In fact, in the US, one person will die because of oral cancer every hour, but some of these cancers are able to be cured if they are detected at an early stage during a routine dental cleaning.

There is a very strong link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. Since a person who gets their teeth cleaned twice yearly will help prevent issues of gum disease, it will also help to minimize the chances of a possibly deadly stroke or heart attack. During the professional dental cleaning, it can be quite easy for the dentist to find signs of issues, such as teeth fractures and broken fillings, which will allow them to be dealt with in a timelier manner.

For those who have not had a dental cleaning in several years, or just need to schedule one, contact the staff at Alexis Atchinson, DDS today. They will be able to schedule the appointment and ensure a person maintains healthy and great looking teeth well into their life. Don’t ignore proper oral hygiene since this will only cause more issues down the road.

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