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The Health Benefits of Massage

Stress is an unfortunate constant in our lives, and even worse, too many people don’t take care of themselves when they’ve undergone a lot of pressure and trials. Fortunately, massage is an excellent rescue. The various types of massage provide not only fantastic ways of relieving stress but also a multitude of health benefits, such as:

Headache Relief

The stimulation of circulation within the body opens up blood flow within tissue and muscle. The increase in blood flow allows for the passages of your bloodstream to deliver oxygen all over your body. When tension gathers in your head, massage can be a welcome relief for headache pain.


While not suitable for all types of injuries, massage can still be of benefit for those suffering from problems like sprains or muscle tension. The repetitive motion soothes sore muscles and helps loosen tight spots. This allows for greater freedom of movement and can help those with injuries recover faster, as their bodies are encouraged to heal.

Stress-Related Insomnia

Massage is a proven stress reducer, but some studies suggest that it’s also an excellent solution for those who have insomnia due to stress. If your life has you feeling frazzled in a significant way, it’s time to relax. A massage in Burnaby soothes muscles and rubs away tight spots of tension within your body. With these physical signs of stress gone, it stands to reason that a more relaxed night of sleep awaits you.


Another major disorder that massage is effective against is anxiety. Studies have shown that the relaxing calm environment and the soothing sensation of repetitive motion on tense portions of your body greatly help those living with anxiety.

Your body is the best indicator of your health. If you’re stressed, you can become physically ill; it’s your body’s way of telling you to get help, whether it’s avoiding your email for an evening or taking a vacation. Massage in Burnaby is an excellent, nearby way of encouraging stress reduction and soothing the tension within your body.

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