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The Emotional Side of Seniors Moving from Home into Senior Communities

Children considering moving their parents into senior living facilities often run into a brick wall of emotion from said parents. Think about it. They’re living in a house they worked hard to buy. They raised their children in that house, had good times in that house, and remember precious memories from that house. How can children deal with the emotions of moving from home into senior communities in Delray Beach, FL?

From Their Point of View

Keep in mind that in their day, parents only had two choices as they aged: living at home or living in a nursing home. Today, there are many choices in living arrangements for seniors, and not one of them resembles a “home.” Take your parents with you as you shop for a senior living community. They need to see the amenities like physical fitness facilities, dining choices, social events, and help with daily activities such as cleaning house and personal care.


This is an emotional subject for a senior. They’ve taken care of themselves since their teens or twenties. The fact that they can no longer walk downstairs into the basement to do the wash or see the knife with which they’re prepping food is just something with which they’ll deal. Tour senior communities in Delray Beach, FL, with your parents, showing them the one-floor floor plan, the dining rooms, and the washer and dryer in each apartment. They’ll still have independence with a little help.


Living arrangements today aren’t cheap. In your parents’ time, mortgages tended to be much more reasonable. Maintenance on the house, taxes, and utilities were considerably less expensive. Even at today’s prices, senior living facilities are cheaper than remaining in their homes. They’ll get a good price for their house, the proceeds of which will pay for their living arrangements for quite some time. Your parents will make new memories and have many more good times. For more information, visit the website.

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