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The Difference In Memphis Local And Long Distance Moving Companies

There are different types of moving companies in Memphis. The most obvious is the difference between small movers that have a few trucks and work just from the city and large companies that have national networks and have multiple trucks, crews, and services.

In addition to the size of the moving companies, there are differences in the types of moves they provide. National movers often complete both local and long distance moves, but it is common for a small mover to only provide local moving in and around Memphis.

Local Moving

Local movers only provide residential moves within the city limits or within a specific distance from the city. Typically, these are single day or two-day moves, and the same crew and truck picks up the household contents and drops them off at the new location.

The small operation types of moving companies are not regulated, and they may or may not be licensed and insured. It is important for anyone using these types of companies to research the movers carefully before loading their household possessions on a truck. These moves are often charged by the hour.

The large national companies offering local moving have full-time drivers and crews, and they are licensed and bonded for all of their moving services.

Long Distance Moving

Long distance may be defined as over a specific distance or any move that crosses a state line or a border. These types of moves are often called interstate moves, and they are regulated or governed by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations.

This type of move is typically quoted based on the weight on the truck and the miles traveled, as well as other factors that are unique to the job. Moving companies offering these types of moves typically have locations in major centers throughout the country and provide professional movers at either end of the move to ensure safe loading and unloading of your household goods.

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