The Difference Between a General Dentist And a Cosmetic Dentist In Panama City Beach FL Nov12


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The Difference Between a General Dentist And a Cosmetic Dentist In Panama City Beach FL

Cosmetic dentists are preferred when choosing a general dentist because they focus on oral health as well as beauty. A cosmetic dentist will perform your initial exam with both a mind to fix any cavities and correct gingivitis if they see it, but they also want to straighten and whiten your smile. Often, insurance companies will not cover this kind of work but there are options to finance it. In order to stay up to date on the latest technology and techniques, a cosmetic Dentist in Panama City Beach, FL will always seek to further their expertise and offer the best treatments.

A cosmetic Dentist in Panama City Beach, FL will perform your evaluation with health care first in mind and aesthetics second. Do not be surprised when visiting a cosmetic dentist, if you have no cavities or other serious issues but the dentist still suggests treatment. They may want to whiten the teeth a few shades or even the color of the teeth out a bit. A cosmetic dentist will also look for ways to straighten the teeth, such as traditional braces or clear Invisalign retains that straighten the teeth without the look of braces. They may also suggest veneers to change the shape, size and color of teeth. It is possible with these cosmetic techniques to entirely change a patient’s look by changing the appearance of their smile.

Most cosmetic dentists will accept dental insurance but many cosmetic procedures may not be covered. It is wise to run any treatment plans by the insurance company just to double check their policies for this type of work. It may be necessary to either pay up front with cash, use a credit card or ask the dentist about finance options. Many offices will allow you to make payments directly to the office or may have a relationship with a finance company that can be utilized in order to make payments for work not covered by insurance.

The classification of cosmetic dentist is not a term recognized by the American Dental Association as being any different from a general dentist. However, a dentist will classify himself as cosmetic due to a focus on improving the smile. It is necessary for the dentist to complete continuing education courses each year in order to stay current in the industry. A cosmetic dentist will take courses on the latest cosmetic techniques in bleaching, veneers, orthodontics and more. Click here!

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