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The Costs of Medical Courses in the USA

It is often difficult for students in India to accurately anticipate all the costs of completing medical courses in the USA. Finding information on the cost of tuition and course materials is only part of the full expenses that students and their families need to consider when attending a US college or university.

To help understand all of the different costs involved, the following several factors need to be considered. Students and families with a clear picture of all the costs can make an informed decision as to the practicality of completing medical courses in the USA.

Cost of Living

Students from India will take a 4-year undergraduate degree as well as their MBBS equivalent training in the USA. Additionally, students should anticipate completing their PG in the USA as this is done at no cost to the student and with the ability to earn a generous stipend.

The cost of living both on and off the campus varies based on the location. Smaller colleges and universities often have lower costs. In contrast, prestigious universities have the highest cost of living on or off the campus.

Food and Entertainment

Indian students completing their medical courses in the USA may have difficulty in finding traditional foods that are within their dietary preferences. Purchasing food is an additional cost if traditional Indian dishes are an important factor.

Students in the United States also engage in more entertainment and events than India students. This is both a cultural change for international students and also an additional cost to consider.

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