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The Clear Benefits Of Keeping Your Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges Clean

Nothing is as annoying as when an important document prints out faded, lined or distorted. Fortunately, these commonplace issues can be easily remedied by simply cleaning out your printer. Regular printer cleaning and maintenance is by far the best way to ensure consistent high quality documents, and will assuredly guarantee your printer problems never find their way back. Don’t know where to start? Just follow this helpful guideline, and enjoy the benefits of a stress-free printer.

Start with the Printer Heads

Oftentimes, inkjet printer ink cartridges fade, line or distort print because their printer heads are clogged up, or dirty. Cleaning the heads not only improves printer performance, it also makes printed documents look sharp.

Don’t Forget the Body

It’s also important to make sure the outside of the printer is clean as well. Wipe it down using a fresh, lint-free dust cloth, making sure to wipe down the top and bottom. Remove the printer trays and accessories, and give those a good dusting, too.

Clean That Inside Panel

Use the ink cartridge access panel to open up the printer body. You may be surprised at how much dirt, dust and paper shreds can get stuck in there. Keep some paper towels handy in case any ink manages to spill as well. Most importantly, do not touch the main electronic circuitry.

Run That Nozzle Test

Once your printer has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out, initiate the printer’s nozzle, or head cleaning test. This will give the cartridge a good reboot and allow it to clear up any residual matter that may be sitting on the head itself. Keeping the print heads clean can really prevent a lot of headaches from starting. Regularly scheduled nozzle tests do maintain an ideal printer head, and eliminate the need to perform more complex cartridge cleaning later on.

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