The Changing Seasons Can Damage Your Roofing in Middlebury, CT

People are drawn to Middlebury, CT, for its rural beauty and friendly people. The changing seasons are wonderful here, from springtime blossoms, blue summer skies, vibrant autumn leaves, and glistening winter snow. However, the weather can easily affect your roofing in Middlebury, CT, so common sense maintenance is essential.

Winter and Autumn Roof Damage

The cold months are the hardest time of year for your roof. The greatest winter problem is ice damming. Ice dams happen when both the sun and heat rising up from inside your home melt the snow on your roof. The water from the melted snow collects and refreezes along the edges of your roof, creating a dam. Ice dams cause further meltwater to collect on the roof causing water damage, not only to your roof, but also to your attic.

Also, heavy snow settling on your roof can place a significant amount of structural stress on your home. Be sure to keep your roof cleared of snow, and break up any ice dams that might form.

Spring and Summer Roof Damage

Storms during the warmer months can cause wind damage to your shingles. Even worse, a strong storm can down trees or even power lines onto your roof. Obviously, a heavy tree branch landing on your roof can cause significant roof damage. You may not have control over power lines, but be sure to keep your tree limbs pruned away from your roof.

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