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The Categories and Classifications of Water Damage

If you are a San Francisco resident, you will surely remember the major storms and flooding that affected the Bay Area in early December 2012. While San Francisco is certainly not known as a major flood area – there are, after all, far too many hills – this storm system was proof that it can indeed happen. And no matter what area you live in, whether in a valley or on top of a mountain, pipes, water tanks, slump pumps, and sewers can burst, leading to flood-like conditions and damage inside your home. If you have experienced a natural or a plumbing disaster, you may be in need of water damage cleaning in San Francisco.

Water can be divided into three categories. Category 1 damage is caused by clean water, including water from supply lines, a toilet tank, or a faucet. Category 2 water has a small amount of contaminants. This water can come from dishwashers, a toilet bowl, or a washing machine. Category 3 water is highly unsanitary water, such as that from the sewer, a flood, rain, or standing water. Categories 1 and 2 can quickly deteriorate into Category 3 water if left untreated.

In addition to these three categories of water, there are also four classifications of damage, which will guide experts in their water damage cleaning in San Francisco. Class One damage is limited in scope, confined, and releases moisture slowly. The damaged area is usually made of a non-absorbent material such as wood or concrete. Class Two water damage has a fast evaporation rate. It usually occurs in rooms with a lot of carpet, bedding, or cushions and has affected the walls one to two feet up from the floor boards. This damage also leaves lingering moisture in the building’s structure. Class Three damage has the quickest evaporation rate. Water in this class usually comes from above; for example, it may have come from a rain storm, overhead pipe leak, or malfunctioning fire extinguisher system. It usually soaks the entire room, top to bottom, leaving extensive damage in its wake. Class Four water damage usually involves special situations, such as when wood floors or spaces under the house are damaged. These circumstances usually require a very low humidity level for the water to completely dry.

Every category and classification requires a different approach to water damage cleaning in San Francisco. A professional restoration expert will know the best way to categorize the damage, remove the water, and refurbish your home so that it looks as good as new.

Water Damage Cleaning San Francisco – Swift Restoration is proud to provide top-quality water damage cleaning in San Francisco. For the past seven years, we have built a relationship of trust with our customers based on our knowledgeable team, thirty minute response team, careful attention to sanitation, continual and detailed monitoring of the process, and our one year 100% guarantee. For more information, or to schedule a free on-site estimate, call us at 408-624-2037 or visit our website at www.restorationinc.com.

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