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The Best Gainesville, FL Water Treatments to Make Natural Water Drinkable

Spending time outdoors is a great experience, especially when camping. However, the wilderness brings with it a set of new challenges, which include finding clean and safe drinking water. Just about all streams in the United States contain small organisms that have the potential to make you very ill. These include viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Many Water Treatment Gainesville, FL solutions are available to make the water safe to use and drink. Below is a guide that will help you choose the solution to use:

Carry your Own Water

If planning to go for a quick day hike, then you can decide to carry your own water from a trustworthy and safe water source in a bottle. Some of the things that will determine how much of the water to carry with you, include length of hike, difficulty and temperatures. Never underestimate amount of water you need to carry should an emergency present itself that will make the hike longer than expected.

Boil Water to Sterilize

Water from freshwater sources such as lakes, streams or creeks, should be brought to a rolling boil using a camping stove and pot. This solution will help get rid of living dangers such as protozoa, viruses and bacteria. The downside is that this solution will not get rid of dirt and chemicals that are likely to alter the taste of water.

Treat Water Using Droplets or Tablets

You can also use tablets for cleaning natural water. Most of these tablets are added about two hours before you have your first drink. Chlorine and iodine are the most popular methods of treatments, with chlorine leaving the water tasting like swimming pool water, while iodine only protects from Cryptosporidium.

Solutions for Removal of Iron From Water

When individuals with haemochromatose absorb high doses of Iron Water , the liver, spleen, heart and pancreas absorb the iron. This may cause damage to the vital organs. In order to get rid of the iron in the water, one can use one of the following solutions:



Application of ion exchangers

Use of coagulants

Another Water Treatment Gainesville FL solution is to use a water filter. The filters are able to take care of substances like protozoa and bacteria but, they are not effective against small viruses


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