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The best drain cleaners, what are they?

The best drain cleaners are those that are used regularly, do not harm the sewage system or the environment and are cheap. For many people this means that drain cleaning in Walnut Creek is no more than pouring a pot of boiling water into the drain on a weekly basis. Boiling water will eliminate any grease which is beginning to build up and move debris which may eventually cause a blockage. Small bits of hair, soap scum, food residue have the tendency to hang on inside the drain pipe and over time, if this problem is not taken care of, the pipe will close and a clog will occur. This simple method of using boiling water is effective, but it must be said, it is not something that you want to do if your drain pipe is PVC.

Even the best in routine maintenance may not be enough and a drain will clog, when this happens a good drain cleaning Walnut Creek is called for. Many good drain cleaners can be found in the home, made from non-toxic substances. If the drain is still flowing, albeit slowly, try pouring a cup of borax into the drain followed by four cups of boiling water, after about 25 minutes, the drain should be free and flowing again.

General drain cleaning can be accomplished by taking four tablespoons of washing soda, not baking soda, and mixing it in two quarts of boiling water. When it is fully dissolved, pour it into the drains, after 15 minutes, run the water and flush the drain completely.

To keep the garbage disposal in your home smelling fresh and keeping the drain clean, mix two cups of cool water with two cups of vinegar. Freeze this mixture into cubes and when a smell emanates from the garbage disposal, throw a few of the cubes into the disposal and turn it on, this will freshen the disposal immediately.

Commercial products which can be used for drain cleaning in Walnut Creek are either biological or chemical. A biological cleaner relies on certain enzymes to eat away at the clog and work best when the clog is organic in nature, such as hair in the shower drain. They are not effective at disposing a mineral deposit, for this a chemical cleaner must be used.

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