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The Benefits of Using Propylene Glycol in Your U.k. E Liquid Vape

The Benefits of Using Propylene Glycol in Your U.k. E Liquid Vape if you have ever wondered what chemicals are in your e-cigarette and if any of them are beneficial to you, there is one chemical ingredient that stands above the rest. This chemical is called propylene glycol. There are many benefits to utilizing propylene glycol e liquid.


One main function of propylene glycol is as a thickener in the vapor that is exhaled. The thick vapor provides a more robust level of satisfaction, similar to that of cigarette smoke versus a less dense mist that is prevalent in lesser quality e-liquids.

Flavor Enahncer

Glycol is known as a wonderful and reliable delivery system for the flavors that come with e-liquids. Instead of a mere hint of the flavor potential that the e-juice can provide, the propylene glycol that is the main ingredient in high-quality e-cigarettes delivers the highest level of flavor that can be enjoyed.

Low Density

When used in the form of a propylene glycol e liquid, the chemical is of a very low density, which makes it very easy to atomize. This ensures that it does not build up within the vaping rig.

Safe To Use

Propylene glycol is very safe to use within the confines of human health. In addition to e-cigarettes, it is used in a wide range of other consumer products and both safety and efficacy have been verified by numerous government agencies.

If you are interested in learning more about using propylene glycol in your vape juice, please contact BGP Europe AG at http://www.purenic.biz/.

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