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The Benefits of Septic Tank Cleaning Fort Myers Florida

Our government has estimated that approximately on out of four homes in the United States make use of a septic tank system in lieu of a hookup to a community sewer drainage line. To some people this figure seems a trifle high because there are so many suburban neighborhoods with access to modern sewage processing systems, but considering how many people still live in country homes where little or no public services exist, the number is pretty accurate. The further one gets away from the cities and towns, the more likely you will find people who use septic systems as a means of containing their raw sewage for later removal.

In spite of the differences between community sewer service and septic tanks, the septic tank has one undeniable benefit. It’s primary maintenance is scheduled septic tank cleaning Fort Myers Florida and that only about every three to five years. As the one out of four homeowners, we typically think about our septic tanks very little. After all, out of sight out of mind. These are just simple little systems which consists of a tank or two which collects the waste and excess water as we live in and clean our homes. Once in the tanks, the solids will break down over time and with proper enzyme supplements this action could extend the times between service calls.

As long as the plumbing keeps draining, there should be no problems, but what if that plumbing starts to drain sluggishly? This is typically a sign that the tank may need cleaning. Of course, a full tank may not be the only cause of this symptom. Paper clogged in the drain line could do this as well. You can easily eliminate both however by separating the paper so it isn’t flushed away and check the date of the last service you had performed on your septic system. If it has been at least three years since it was cleaned, it could well be a full septic system causing you troubles. The best way to eliminate those septic problems is by using septic tank cleaning Fort Myers Florida. A cleaned tank should last your home about three years under normal usage and a little more for a single person dwelling.

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