The Benefits Of Regular DPF Cleaning For Texas Trucks Jan29


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The Benefits Of Regular DPF Cleaning For Texas Trucks

Since the early part of the 1970s, the use of DPF or diesel particulate filtering was seen as important in the overall reduction of these potentially dangerous types of emissions from diesel engines. However, it was not until 1987 that the California Heavy Truck Rule was implemented to mandate the use of DPF technology in trucks.

Currently, DPF regulations are in place across South and North America, as well as throughout many countries in the European Union. Today, the use of DPF filters is standard, and so is the need for routine DPF cleaning. Truckers and trucking companies in Texas can benefit from routine cleaning of the filters to help extend filter life and improve engine performance.

Why Cleaning is Necessary

Different options in passenger vehicle engines and heavy duty truck systems are the reason why DPF cleaning is required is required in trucks but not cars or light duty trucks. With the filter, the particulate matter in the exhaust gases becomes trapped in the filter as the exhaust gas is forced through the series of small holes in the channel walls. The exhaust cannot exit the channel of the filter without passing through the porous material.

Over time, the porous walls or the filter component of the DPF becomes full of the trapped particulate matter. Using the regeneration process, the vehicle will burn off most of the collected material, but not all of the material is combustible. This leads to an increasing loss of filtering ability over time, which can only be corrected with full DPF cleaning to remove almost all of the residual matter.

With regular cleaning, Texas truckers can expect to see up to 90% performance maintained with the DPFs, even over time.

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