The Benefits Of Powder Coated Steel In Rust Prevention And Beyond Apr18


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The Benefits Of Powder Coated Steel In Rust Prevention And Beyond

In most applications where steel is used in the manufacturing of parts and components in a system, there is a need to treat the steel to avoid rust and corrosion issues. As a highly effective and low-cost option, powder coated steel offers rust protection, wear and tear resistance and a range of different benefits based on the specific application.

The Process

The process of powder coated steel for rust protection or for the benefits listed below is highly precise. This allows a quality coating service to apply the powder coat layer to precision thickness, which is essential in applications for the aerospace and automotive industries through the manufacturing of medical devices.

The process of powder coated steel offers rust resistance starts with the choice of very finely ground and prepared particles of nylon, epoxy or polyester combined with pigments. The dry powder is charged with electricity and then sprayed on the surface of the grounded steel.

The result is a coating that it is evenly distributed and melts and bonds as a film over the surface when the part is heated to a specific temperature. Unlike paint that adheres to the surface, this process actually bonds, preventing peeling, flaking or lifting for a more durable surface.

The Advantages

Powder coating, since it is a dry application process, provides a smooth, even surface across all of the workpiece. There is also the option to create the surface look, from matte to high gloss, and any color is possible with the process.

As the powder is applied dry and electrostatic charge is used, even the most complicated shapes and designs of the part can be completely and evenly coated. It is a long-lasting coating that provides a harder surface that not only resists rust but also resists scratching and typical wear and tear that would significantly damage traditional painted surfaces.

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