The Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney in Ormond Beach

As you near middle age, you might start to think about what will happen to your wealth and possessions after you die. You may want to ensure it goes to certain individuals or charities and not to other people who might otherwise have a legal claim to it.

You also may not want to entrust its execution to your next of kin. Instead, you can hire a representative like an estate planning attorney in Ormond Beach.

Naming Your Direct Heirs

If you were to die without a will in place, you might leave your estate vulnerable to your next of kin claiming it entirely for himself or herself. However, you might not want this person to get all of your money and assets. You might want some or all of it to go to your grandchildren, nieces and nephews, siblings or other people.

Your lawyer can help you devise a sound will that will name your direct heirs. This will can bypass the otherwise assumed chain of kin to which your estate may have gone. You can ensure that the rightful beneficiaries get your wealth and belongings and unlawful or unnamed heirs do not.

You can also leave out enough money in your estate to pay your taxes and settle final expenses. You can find out more about hiring an estate planning attorney in Ormond Beach for your will online. Contact Kistemaker Business Law Group, LLC by going to

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