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The Benefits of Having Gastric Imbrication Performed in Houston

A struggle with obesity can be a major battle. People deserve the right to lead as healthy of a life as possible, however, struggles with weightless can hinder an individuals ability to accomplish this goal. Thanks to the advances in medical technology, patients are now afforded the opportunity to have medical procedures performed that will assist them in their weight loss journey, specifically Gastric Imbrication Houston. Although this procedure is relatively new, it has a number of benefits.

Fewer Restrictions. With gastric imbrication the patient has few restrictions when it come to the food they can eat when compared to other weight loss procedures such as Lap-Band surgery or a gastric bypass operation. With this operation patients are able to pretty much eat whatever food choices they desire because even though the size of their stomach is reduced, their stomach still functions normally because it has not be surgically altered.

Less Invasive. This procedure is far less invasive than other medical procedures. The stomach nor the intestine are affected – there is absolutely no cutting in this area. This is beneficial for the patient for two main reasons, easier recovery and lower cost. Because this procedure is only mildly invasive, patients are able to return to their normal activities much faster and the cost of the procedure is far less when compared to gastric bypass cost for example.

Greater restrictions. In terms of the way in which the patient’s stomach size is restricted, Gastric Imbrication Houston yields excellent results. Fundamentally, weight loss procedures work to restrict the amount of food an individual can comfortably eat in order to promote weight loss. Therefore, a procedure that offers the greatest level of restriction is ideal. Although, individual results will vary, when compared to other weight loss surgery techniques, some patients lost 10-15% more weight.

No risk of nutritional deficiencies. Although weight loss is important, the overall health of the patient is even more important. With this procedure the risk of nutritional deficiencies is eliminated. Some patients who have other weight loss procedures performed have an increased risk for developing a number of medical conditions, including anemia and protein deficiency. These risk are increased because the size of their small intestine is shortened. However, since this operation does not impact the size of the intestine, this risk is eliminated.


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