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The Benefits of Customized Awards

Do you have an awards ceremony coming up in your organization? If so, consider giving trophies out to your award winners this year. When you go with a custom trophy design you are making your awards all the more special to their recipients. Look at three benefits of custom trophy design.

Get a Trophy in an Appropriate Shape

When you customize your trophies, you choose the shape you want. For instance, if your organization’s logo is an eagle, you may want to go with trophies that feature wings or feathers in their design. That way, your trophies communicate something about your organization. This makes them even more unique and meaningful.

Choose the Lettering

Another benefit of getting customized trophies is you choose the lettering on them. Of course, you want the name of the winner, the date of the ceremony and the name of your organization on the trophy’s plate. Perhaps your organization has elegant style lettering on all of its correspondence and literature. If so, why not get that same type of lettering on your trophies?

Choose the Trophy Size

Trophies are available in many sizes. You may want a group of small trophies to award to several people within your organization. Alternatively, you may prefer to order a few large trophies to award to just a few people for roles they played in making the organization a success. You get to dictate what size is best for your award recipients. You can even vary the trophy size to the type of award you’re giving.

Lastly, a trophy is something that members of your organization can keep and treasure for years to come. Their unique appearance and personalization will give them an extra dose of flair for their proud recipients.

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