The Benefits of an International Internship Oct13


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The Benefits of an International Internship

International internships offer a wonderful opportunity for students and recent graduates to travel abroad and learn invaluable lessons in their chosen field. International internships function very similarly to regular internships. The basic premise is that a person, often a student, works at a business or other organization that focuses on the person’s chosen field of study. For example, someone who wants to become an attorney may choose to intern at a law office.

What sets international internships apart, though is the opportunity to travel, live, and work in a foreign country. The benefits of such an opportunity are immeasurable.

First, the world today is one that is focused on globalization. This means that anyone who has experience living and working in a foreign country may have an advantage in the job market of many fields. Corporations and other organizations that are focused on growth are very often looking to foreign markets as a means of expansion. Someone with experience working in a foreign market, experience that international internships can offer, might have an advantage in such circumstances.

Furthermore, international internships are also a great way to increase foreign language skills. Fluency in a second language is becoming a greater and greater asset. Many employers prefer or even require potential employees to be bilingual. Living and working in a foreign country is one of the best ways to hone language skills to the level that a person can speak, read, and write in a second language.

In addition, international internships offer interns the opportunity to live and work among the real people who live in the country they are visiting. International internships allow an intern insight into the true way of life of the citizens of a host country. Interns are also able fully immerse themselves in the culture of the country. International internships allow a person to truly learn about the food, music, entertainment, and work and business practices of the host country.

International internships also offer students and recent graduates a way to gain experience in their chosen career. They receive practical, hands-on experience that many schools cannot provide. Furthermore, international internships also offer interns a way to make valuable contacts in their field. These contacts may help interns in finding permanent employment. They may simply be a resource for career advice and encouragement. Whatever help they offer, making contacts with experience and knowledge in an intern’s chosen field is a benefit that cannot be overestimated.

International internships are typically unpaid internships. However, many of them allow a student to receive credit at his or her home college or university. International internships can be a great way to work towards a degree and gain work experience at the same time.

It is important to point out that international internships are not all limited to university students or recent graduates. International internships may also be available to professionals who work in certain fields. Whether student, recent graduate, or working professional, international internships offer a vast array of exciting opportunities and rewards.


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